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About Me

Mike Hathaway

I'm a native Texan who loves the arts, pop science fiction, cooking, and travel. Born in Irving, TX and raised in Arlington, TX, I've lived all over the DFW metroplex, currently residing in Haltom City.


My design experience goes back to high school when I was on the newspaper staff (Martin High School, Class of '87!), back when we did layouts by hand and used a lot of "creative white space". I eventually took the skills into corporate life for a major mortgage lender, teaching myself PhotoDelux for Business, and then Illustrator and Photoshop, designing internal promotional posters, and company-wide conference materials like coordinated PowerPoint templates, name badges, table tents and tchotchkes. During my corporate tenure, I was also working as a video editor and marketing guy for the now-defunct Tempest Productions, creating more posters and now DVD and VHS (yes, VHS) sleeves.

My next step was taking it online into "print on demand" shops on Zazzle and CafePress (now also including Redbubble and Society6), creating aparrel, personal and home accessories.

This all spilled over into the world of theater shortly after my return there in 2009. I performed in a couple of shows at ONSTAGE in Bedford and became aware of their taking bids on the next season’s promotional materials. I took a deep breath, submitted a proposal and won the job. Like getting involved with any non-profit, I was now stuck, but in a good way! Gayle, the president of the board at the time, managed to get me to join the board and then hornswoggled me into replacing her as president, which has been an adventure unto itself. ONSTAGE became a proving ground for me, and eventually lead to marketing and promotional work with other theaters across North Texas.


All of which brings you and me here, right now, today. 


Hi!  How can I help you?

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