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Need a custom look for a single production?  Or a coordinated look for an entire season? Look no further.  This is actually where the bulk of my work has been the last several years. About 5 or 6 years ago, I was hired to do the entire season for ONSTAGE in Bedford.  Then I joined their board.  Then I became president.  And I still do all of their design work! That lead me to working with other theaters in North Texas, and then a little further south, and then some middle and high schools and so on and so forth. 


All prices below include up to two "major" edit sessions 

Single Show - Original - $125
You'll get posters to print in whatever size(s) you need, social media graphics, ticketing partner icons, postcards - basically whatever it is your theater needs for one show, I'll produce all of it for the same price, AND you get the master Illustrator or Photoshop files, too! 

Full Season - Original - $100/show

Everything that you get for a Single Show, times however many shows you have in your season! Adding a tri- or quarter-fold brochure is only an additional $150

Single Show - Repurposed - $50 

I have a bank of artwork created for other theaters who have authorized me to re-purpose their posters and show logos. I can add your theater's logo and information at half the cost of doing an original work if your location is more than 50 miles away from the original theater. CLICK HERE to see the full list of over 100 shows I have available.

Program- $250 for the first one, $100 for subsequent shows

For the original price, we'll establish a look for your theater's programs, and then we have a base to work on! After that, I can produce all other programs for just $100/show.

General Samples

Complete Season Sample

ONSTAGE in Beford's 2018 season posters, Facebook covers, Groupon icons, brochure, and a sample program

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